2019 Deliveries, Trainings, and Charters . (follow us at

                                              2019 Deliveries, Trainings, and Charters

38' ChrisCraft Constellation, Lake WA to Anacortes             Delivery

45' North Pacific, Blaine WA to San Francisco                        Delivery

40' Selene,  Anacortes to San Diego                                            Delivery

76' Nordhavn, Gulf Islands                                                              Charter

70' Hatteras, Gulf Islands                                                                 Charter

35' Pursuit 355 Offshore, Edmonds to Lake Washington   Delivery

56' Carver, Lake Washington                                                           Charter

60' Bertram, Lake Washington                                                       Charter

44' Outbound Sailboat, Bremerton                                             Training

70' Hatteras, Gulf Islands                                                                 Training

42' Beneteau Swift Trawler, Seattle                                             Training

44' Beneteau Swift Trawler, SFO to Seattle                               Delivery

70' Hatteras, Princess Lousia Inlet                                                Charter

76' Nordhavn, Gulf Islands                                                               Charter

56' Cruisers Yachts, San Francisco to Seattle                            Delivery

38' Bayliner, Lake WA to Winslow                                                  Training

45' NorthWest,  Shilshole to Kenmore                                         Sea Trials

47' Grand Banks, Puget Sound                                                        Sea Trials

47' Sealine, Tacoma Refit Yard                                                        Relocation

32' Sea Sport Catamaran,  Elliott Bay to Lake Union             Seattle Boats Afloat show

45' NorthWest, Shilshole to Lake Union                                      Seattle Boats Afloat show

31' Ranger Tug, Shilshole to Lake Union                                     Seattle Boats Afloat show

30' Elan, Shilshole to Lake Union                                                   Seattle Boats Afloat show

            2018 Deliveries, Trainings, and Charters

45' Bayliner, Port Orchard to Gig Harbor                                        Relocation

90' Alaskan, Lake Union to Sidney BC                                              Relocation

45' Lagoon, Catamaran, Frazer River to Anacortes                     Relocation

40' Sea Ray, Lake Washington                                                              Training

74' Ocean Alexander, Lake Union                                                       Training

55' Nordhavn, Everett to Anacortes                                                   Relocation

90' Alaska, Tacoma to Lake Union                                                      Relocation 

63' Regency, Seattle to LA                                                                      Relocation                               

46' Ocean Alexander, SFO to Seattle                                                  Delivery 

40' Willard, SFO To Anacortes                                                               Delivery                                                   

70' Hatteras, Anacortes Yacht Charters, Charter Captain         June/August

47' Grand Banks, Everett WA                                                                 2-Day Training 

38' Bayliner, Sequim WA                                                                          Training

47' Sealine, Tacoma WA                                                                           Training

36' Catalina, Seattle WA                                                                           Team Training

65' Hampton, Seattle WA                                                                         2-Day Team Training

58, Bayliner, Anacortes to SFO                                                                Delivery

96' Superyacht Orion Zeyphr, Astoria OR to SFO                            Relocation

46' Island Packet, SFO to Portland OR                                                 Delivery

36' Nauticat, Anacortes to Ketchikan AK                                             Delivery

34' Swift Trawler, Lake Union, Puget Sound                                      Training

38' Bayliner, Anacortes WA                                                                        Training

30' Cutwater, Anacortes to Bellingham WA                                        Sea Trial

65' Hampton, Lake Union                                                                          Sea Trial

39' Hunter, Puget Sound                                                                            Training

53' Navigator, SFO to Port Ludlow                                                         Delivery

59' Sea Ray, Victoria to Lake Union                                                       Delivery

45' Sea Ray, Lake Union/Victoria/Lake Union                                   Sea Trial

54' Bertram, Seattle                                                                                     Sea Trial

27' Catalina, Port Townsend to Edmonds WA                                   Delivery

70' Pacemaker, Lake Union Boats Afloat                                             Delivery

43' Riveria, Lake Union Boats Afloat                                                     Delivery

70' Horizon, Delta Ship Yard to Lake Union WA                                Delivery

53' Navigator, Antioch CA to Berkeley CA                                            Delivery



                                  2017 Deliveries, Trainings, and Charters

48' Sea Ray, Sevenstar Yacht Transport from Victoria 

      to Lake Washington                                                                               Delivery

47' Canoe Cove, Elliott Bay WA                                                               1-Day Training

25' Pacific Seacraft, Eagle Harbor to Port Townsend                     Delivery

55' Grebe, Shilshole WA                                                                             Training

57' Nordhavn, Tacoma WA                                                                        Training

50' Navigator, Portland OR to Tacoma WA                                         Owner assisted relocation

49 Defever, Shilshole WA                                                                            3-Day Training

39' Hunter, Shilshole WA to Half Moon Bay CA                                 Delivery / Training

27' Cal, Edmonds WA to La Connor WA                                                Delivery

44' Tollycraft  Lake Union WA                                                                    2-Day Training

39' Kadey Krogan, Portland OR to Tacoma WA                                 Owner assisted relocation

47' Sealine, Carillon Pt WA to Tacoma WA                                           Owner assisted relocation

45' Meridian, Elliott Bay WA                                                                       Sea Trial

36' Bayliner, Anacortes WA to Shilshole WA                                        Owner assisted relocation

45' Sea Ray, (with POD drives) Lake Union WA                                  Relocation

44' Beneteau (MC5 with POD Drives) Puget Sound                          2-Day Couples Training

70' Hatteras, Anacortes Yacht Charters, Charter Captain             July/August   

34' Swift Trawler, Lk Union to Port Townsend                                   3-Day Training/relocation

75' Hatteras, Anacortes                                                                               1-Day Training

391, Bayliner, Lake Union                                                                           1-Day Training

54, Ocean Alexander, Poulsbo to Anacortes                                        Delivery

54, Ocean Alexander, Lake Washington                                                1-Day Training

70' Hatteras, San Juan Islands                                                                 3-Day Charter                         

 40' Hunter, Westport to Victoria                                                              Delivery

28' Oday, Port Ludlow to Elliott Bay                                                       Owner assisted relocation

33' Maxium, Everett WA                                                                               1-Day Couples Training

54' Ocean Alexander, Elliott Bay WA                                                       2-Day Couples Training

50' Flying Dutchman, Lake Union WA                                                    2-Day Training/Relocation

38' Bayliner, Sequim WA                                                                              2-Day Couples Training

29' Ranger Tug, San Juan Islands WA                                                     3-Day Cruise and Learn

52' Ocean Alexander, Newport Beach CA to Seattle WA                  Delivery

51' Formosa, Astoria OR to Anacortes WA                                             Owner assisted relocation

32' Trojan, Everett WA to Vancouver WA                                                 Owner assisted relocation

24' Trophy, Lake Washington                                                                      Sea Trials

48' Ponderosa, Puget Sound WA                                                               3-Day Couples Training

32' Trojan, Puget Sound WA                                                                        2-Day Training


                              For 2016 and Earlier Deliveries, Trainings, and Charters See Below

                                                                Power and Sail Boat Deliveries

When we agree to a delivery we take full responsibility for the safety of the yacht from the time we take command, to the time the yacht reaches its final destination.  That responsibility is not diminished while the vessel  is at the dock waiting out severe weather or undergoing repair work, so we stay with the vessel.

Upon arrival at the vessel we perform a thorough inspection ensuring that all systems are operational, and engines and sails are in satisfactory condition for the delivery.  If no problems are found, we depart as soon as provisioning and weather permits.

We can handle most day-to-day repairs to keep the delivery moving, as long as the nature of a particular problem is within our skill set and the necessary parts are on board.  If the problem requires specialized skills or tools, we will hire a technician on the owner's behalf, oversee the work, and pay the technician using an owner supplied credit card.  Whenever repairs are required, we keep the owner apprised, and provide digital photos of the problem and the repairs.

We do travel with our own comprehensive mechanical tool bag and electrical kit, but having a more complete set of tools, spare parts and safety equipment on board is for everyone's benefit.

We also bring our own electronic charts, reference books, redundant GPS and safety equipment for ourselves.   The galley does need to have the "basics" to allow for meal preparation during the transit.  If not, we can assist in galley outfitting.

As part of the final invoice you will be provided with a complete accounting including all receipts for expenditures.  If the owner is not on board a list of items requiring attention will also be supplied.  

                                                         2016 Deliveries, Trainings, and Charters

38' Bavaria, Portland OR to Elliott Bay WA                                                  Owner assisted relocation

42' Island Packet, Key West and Florida Keys                                             Charter Captain

40'  1932 Ed Monk Rum Runner, Vancouver BC to Anacortes               Owner assisted relocation

34' Beneteau, Lake Union to Anacortes WA                                                 Owner assisted relocation

38' (1957) Barney Williams Trawler, Windslow WA to Shilshole WA            For Maintenance

27' Formula, Vancouver City BC to Lake Washington                               Owner assisted relocation

36' Choy Lee, Edmonds WA to Port Hadlock                                                Owner assisted relocation

38' Wauquiez, Seattle WA to San Diego CA                                                   Owner assisted relocation

65' Coastal Craft, Lake WA to Desolation Sound                                        Delivery

54' Ocean Alexander, Lake WA to San Juan Islands                                  Charter Captain

40' Carver, Anacortes WA to Desolation Sound BC                                    Charter Captain

36' Pearson, Lake Union WA to Tacoma WA                                                 Owner assisted relocation

43' North Pacific Trawler, Portland OR to Burien WA                               Owner assisted relocation

38' Hunter, Anacortes WA to Portland OR                                                     Owner assisted relocation

35 Four Winns, Olympia WA to Lake Washington WA                               Owner assisted relocation

49' Meridian, Anacortes WA                                                                                 2-day Couples training

30' Bayliner, Lk Washington to Elliott Bay                                                     Owner assisted relocation

54' Ocean Alexander,  Long Beach CA to Shilshole WA                             Owner assisted relocation

40' Tollycraft, Portland OR to Shilshole WA                                                   Owner assisted relocation

40' SeaRay, Portland OR to Everett WA                                                            Owner assisted relocation

29' Pursuit, Everett WA                                                                                            2-day Couples training

49' Meridian Pilothouse, San Francisco CA to Anacortes WA                  Owner assisted relocation

36' Catalina, Lake Union WA to Anacortes WA                                               Delivery

51' Jeanneau (509), Anacortes WA to San Diego CA                                    Owner assisted relocation

68' Hampton Sky Bridge, Seattle                                                                         Sea Trials

40' Bluewater Pilothouse trawler, Port Orchard                                            Sea Trials

44' Puget Trawler, Olympia                                                                                    Sea Trials

30' Carver, La Connor WA to Elliott Bay WA                                                    

Owner assisted relocation are welcome, provided they have the flexibility of time to  complete a delivery.





                               2015 Deliveries, Training, Charters

45' Island Packet, Canary Islands to St Lucia, Atlantic Crossing       Delivery

41' President, Tacoma to Lake Union WA                                                    Owner assisted relocation

35' Cooper (Prowler) La Connor WA to Tacoma                                        Owner assisted relocation

37' Mathews, Tacoma WA                                                                                   5-day training 

49' Meridian, Anacortes WA                                                                               2-day training

41' Maxum,  Tacoma WA to Lake Union WA                                                Delivery

54' Ocean Alexander, Desolation Sound BC                                               12-day charter

39' Hunter,  Point Roberts WA to Elliott Bay WA                                        Owner assisted relocation

42' Nordic Tug, Cap Sante, Anacortes WA                                                    2-day training

39' Bayliner,  La Connor WA to Portland OR                                                Delivery

26' 1956 Chris Craft, Woodmark Hotel, Carillon Point WA                     Charter

40' Willard, La Connor WA                                                                                    2-day training

54' Meridian,  Friday Harbor WA to Shilshole Bay WA                              Delivery

53' Carver,  Sequim WA to Anacortes WA                                                       Delivery/Training

39' Tollycraft,  Olympia WA to Everett WA                                                      Delivery/Training

48' Saber,  Lake Union WA to Bellingham WA                                               Delivery

40' Cruise-A-Home,  Skyline WA to Shilshole Bay WA                               Delivery/Training

                                    2014 Deliveries, Trainings, and Charters

34' Hunter,  Anacortes WA to Astora OR                                                          Delivery

42' Rustler,  Portugal to St Lucia, West Indies   Atlantic Crossing         Delivery 

40' Bayliner, Tacoma WA to Point Roberts WA                                              3-day training 

34'  Nordic Tug,  Anacortes WA                                                                            2-day training 

42'  Kadey Krogen,  Anacortes WA                                                                     2-day training 

39'  Bayliner,  Anacortes WA                                                                                 2-day training

38' Bayliner,  Anacortes WA                                                                                  2-day training

42' Lake Union Dreamboat (1928)  Lake Union WA                                    2-day training 

54'  Ocean Alexander,  Desolation Sound BC                                                10-day charter  

38'  Bayliner,  Portland OR to Lake Washington WA                                   Delivery

 45'  Beneteau,  Desolation Sound BC                                                             7-day charter 

45'  Columbia,  Coos Bay OR to San Diego CA                                              Delivery 

46'  Hunter,  Point Roberts WA to Kodiak AK                                                Delivery 

41'  Catamaran,  Bellingham WA to San Francisco CA                              Delivery

37'  Irwin,  Lady Smith BC to Shilshole WA                                                    Delivery